Work less dumb

Drowning in email, interrupted by meetings, and getting nothing done.

  • Finding a file(10% Time Wasted)

  • Emailing the link
    to that cloud file
    (2% Time Wasted)

  • Updating the
    team chat room
    (4% Time Wasted)

  • Editing version
    #3 on Word
    (11% Time Wasted)

  • Importing to Dropbox(4% Time Wasted)

  • Setting up a meeting to
    discuss the changes
    (6% Time Wasted)

  • Don’t forget to update the wiki(3% Time Wasted)

  • Add the link to the intranet(3% Time Wasted)

Get more work done

Building products, leading projects,
making decisions, inspiring your team.
Being productive.

Do the work you actually doing.

Our superpower is delivering the magic when you combine content and communication in a single, simple experience.

  • online indicator
  • chat channels
  • direct messaging
  • shared docs
  • @mentions
  • Inline commenting
  • contextual chat
  • social profiles
  • notifications
  • real-time updates
  • permissions
  • offline mode
  • emojis and memes
  • insert items into chat
  • search
  • import/export
  • edit history
  • living docs
  • task lists
  • words
  • ideas
  • plans
  • spreadsheets
  • images
  • page themes
  • folders
  • markdown
  • personal inbox

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New Relic
Product Hunt

We get it. Change is hard

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